yoga as a career

Yoga as a Career

Bright Future in Yoga !

We are living in a world where people have become more health conscious. And yoga has been the most loved activity to do for a healthy life. People are living their lives in a lot of stress and anxiety and they are finding yoga practices very helpful to reduce their stress and anxiety. Yoga has both Mental and physical cure. Yoga in today’s world is considered superior to all exercises because yoga emphasizes not only Physical exercise but mental health as well. 

Yoga has provided a cure to many diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, asthma, arthritis and many others. Yoga helps a drug addict to be back on the track in his or her life. Yoga teachers can also help their students or clients to improve their relationship with their body and the environment. The yoga industry has become the most leading sector in India and in foreign. And in today’s world a career in yoga can be one of the highest paid jobs. 

The amazing fact about a yoga career is that you do not have to do any kind of start-up to start earning through yoga. There’s a list of the job which you can pursue after getting done a certified yoga Course –

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Hybrid Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga Presenter

Now the question arises: How can you become a Yoga professional and start your career in yoga. In yoga there are several courses that one can do and increase the knowledge. There are some specific standards which one has to fulfill for starting a career in yoga. Such as –

  • A person must have passed the 12th exams
  • For doing masters in yoga one should have completed their bachelor’s but not compulsory that bachelor’s is done in yoga only
  • A person should be physically and mentally fit
  • An individual must be of 15-17 years old to make a career in yoga.

There are several types of courses in yoga, some of the courses in which one should enroll to pursue career in yoga are-

  • B.sc. in yoga
  • M.sc. in Yoga
  • Diploma in yoga
  • Certificate course in yoga
  • Post Graduation course In Diploma science
  • BA in Yoga

Major Yoga Accreditation bodies

  • Yoga Certification Board (YCB)
  • Yoga Alliance

Now everything around you is online and Yoga officials has come up with different Yoga Teachers Training Courses 50 hours | 200 hours | 300 hours | 500 hours | Prenatal training course | Kids teacher training course and many more

One can enroll in any of these courses according to their interests and learn how to teach yoga online very efficiently.

The very popular course in these is 200 hours online yoga teachers training course. After doing this course one could be an Internationally certified yoga teacher. He/She can start their own classes online or offline or open their studio and start earning.

Smay-jak also offers you this wonderful course at a very affordable price and with many many amazing advantages. 

You can enroll anytime on the website or Smay-jak application where Acharya Kartikay the lead teacher personally takes care of everything regarding the course. The videos provided by him have a deep and complete knowledge about Yoga, Asanas, Mudras, Anatomy and everything which is important for being a yoga teacher.

Opportunities for yoga professionals

The average salary of a government yoga teacher in India is 10k-25k per month. Abroad, the package of yoga professionals is higher. In India or Abroad, a yoga professional can earn as much as they want by the batches of their classes.

A yoga professional can find work in: 

  • Research
  • Academic
  • Health resorts
  • Hospitals
  • Gyms
  • Schools
  • Health centers
  • Housing societies
  • Corporate houses

If a person chooses Yoga as a Career he or she Grows on the personal level as well.  An individual will be fit and healthy in life. He will always be full of energy and always active.

The person will have a Balanced and calm mind. There will less no anxiety and stress. Generally yoga practitioners have a calm mind. Life will be on a good track and well organized.

Yoga helps a person to find the inner self. 

Some questions like Who Am I, Or what I am here for triggers my mind many times, through yoga practice one can have answers to these questions. 

The person will have a nature of giving, serving and helping the society.

A yoga practitioner becomes strong as he faces new physical challenges daily. There will be classes full of different people, different capacities, different religions, different interests, every day there will be something different to teach or something different to do. One will have to practice various physical activities and as a result he will become stronger.

A career in yoga gives you a great opportunity to meet new people who will come in your classes from different parts, different regions with different languages etc. By which your verbal communication skills will improve in your life. 

In yoga career one will have Peace of mind, Personal development and will have new opportunities.

yoga as a career

A professional career in yoga has a lot more to offer. One can not bound himself in just taking yoga classes in their yoga studios, they can work in schools, colleges, Universities, Wellness centers, corporate places etc.

It offers many jobs other than Yoga teacher such as Research officer in Yoga and Naturopathy, Yoga therapist, Yoga instructor, Clinical psychologist etc. 

Career in yoga is a great opportunity for many individuals, this job is not gender based even. Men or women at any stage of their lives can make a career in Yoga by doing Online yoga Teachers Training Course. 

Anyone can make a career in yoga by just enrolling in the online teacher training course and that too at their own comfort. In today’s modern lifestyle one should not only grow financially but spiritually as well. Yoga professionals indeed have a very bright future ahead no matter which country or place they choose. 

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