Overcome stress by Yoga

Office hours are filled with deadlines, meetings, strategies, planning, excel sheets and commitments and all this often leads to stress and anxiety, and when they are not managed properly, you experience burn out, low efficiency & reduced immunity. We will take the practitioner to overcome these effects and improve his way of life in a holistic manner.

Benefits of Yoga
Corporate Programs

Our integrated Yoga programs deepens self-awareness and centeredness, while parallelly enhancing flexibility and strength.


Stress is omnipresent but your ability to bounce back holds the key


A proactive mindset to accept changes


As your thoughts calm down, distractions are reduced


Only antidote to deal with multitasking is bringing more swiftness & spontaneously in action


Better creativity, problem-solving and decision making


Clarity in thoughts with heightened awareness improves communication and relationships

They have trusted us

Our Approach

Invest in the minds to bring transformation

Strength & Poise: Yoga Poses (Asanas)

Strengthen and tone muscles, while burning fat and strengthening the body.

Energy: Yogic breathing (Pranayama)

Tune into your breath with breathing techniques.

Deep Rest: Meditation and Relaxation

Conscious relaxation that calms the body, free the mind from stress leading to a deep meditation.

Our Programs

We will adapt to your needs

Desktop Yoga

Mobility • Back Strengthening • Healthy neck & shoulder • Instant pain management
• Better eye-vision
Body Matters

Full body flow • Flexibility
• Better body posture
• Strength • High Energy
Login To Your Mind

Breath control • Calming
• Better Sleep Quality
• Focused • Stress Relief
Yoga for Anxiety Management

Centered • Eliminate work-stress
• Beat anxiety • Calm breath
• Improve body-mind coordination
Immunity Booster Yoga

Immunity Booster • Balanced Energy
• Optimum hormone functionality
• Better sleep quality • Recuperation
Spine Care

Better Posture • Strength
• Agility • Improve walk
• Better sleep quality

One Time

5 Sessions
Up to 50 participants
60 min (each session)


8 or 12 Sessions per month
Up to 50 participants
60 min (each session)


We will create the more convenient program for you